3 Adventures near Salzburg

Oh Austria. When many native English speakers think of Salzburg and Austria, the first thing that springs to mind is the Sound of Music and Mozart…

Sorry to disappoint you, but I haven’t seen any singing Nuns during the times I have visited Salzburg, but as shown in the musical, the scenery is beautiful.

There are several stunning adventures within driving distance of Salzburg.

Here are 3 Adventures near Salzburg

Salzburg Adventure

– Drachenwand Via Ferrata –

This is the place I lost my Via Ferrata virginity. If you like hiking and climbing or bouldering, then this sport is awesome.

Drachenwand is located on Mondsee (Moon Lake), which is around 30 minutes driving from the centre of Salzburg. Due to its grading, short approach and beautiful location, this via ferrata is usually packed; therefore, starting it very early is advisable. I know we aren’t meant to mention TSOM, but it is also the lake that is featured in the musical

  • Grade: B/C
  • Approach: ~ 30 minutes
  • Via ferrata: ~ 2 hours
  • Descent: ~ 2 hours

Most this via ferrata is B/C graded, which is questionable for beginners; if you have never done it before, then it is highly advisable to go with a guide. Buying the equipment can be costly, therefore renting it for your first time could be a good idea. This could be possible from your guide. A guide can also teach you all the safety things, some of which you will only learn on a via ferrata.

There is no emergency exit on this via ferrata, so once you’re on it, the only way is up or off by Helicopter.

Salzburg activities

– Eagles Nest (Kehlsteinhaus) – 

Like a bit of history, nice views or maybe both?

The Eagles Nest (Kehlsteinhaus) is around a 40 minute drive by car from central Salzburg. This is a place where the National Socialism Regime (more commonly known as the Nazis) made a lot of decisions on war and mass murder. The decisions were made here as a symbol of power.

The house stands at 1,834m and is in the middle of the mountains in the Berchtesgaden region. To get there, you can either walk up or drive up. The road is built into the mountain and it is privately owned and maintained; therefore it is a toll road. Prices can be found here.

The walk should take on average 2 hours starting from the south slip way to the Roßfeldpanoramastraße. More info here. If you plan on walking, take a drink and snacks with you; the weather can be over 30 degress centigrade in summer, which is tough when walking uphill!

Salzburg Adventure

– Burghausen –

Want a real taste of Bavaria? This town is located just across the river from Austria and takes around 1 hour by car from the centre of Salzburg. The old town is surrounded by typical Bavarian style shops, cafes and restaurants.

Aside from shops and eateries, Burghausen is home to the world’s longest castle. From one side of the castle you can see the old town and the other side, lake called Wöhrsee. If you like swimming, you can swim here in summer. If you feel like being active, you can walk around the town (up and down the hills) or cycle along the river Salzach.

For further views of the castle, river and old town, you can drive, walk or cycle across the river to Austria and up a steep winding road that will take you to a brilliant view point.

After all that fun, would you like cake? One of my favourites is the Altstadt Cafe. They have a great selection of homemade cakes or savoury if you prefer. In summer, Ice Cream cafes are everywhere (usually ran by Italians), one favourite here is Palazzo Ice Cream; this place also has an Italian Restaurant across the road… traditional recipes here!

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Love & Peace




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