Staying at Celeste Mountain Lodge in Costa Rica

Celeste Mountain Lodge is located on the border of the Tenorio Volcano National Park, 4km east of Bijagua, in Northern Costa Rica.

We wanted somewhere off the beaten track with less tourists and after some searching we decided on the Tenorio Volcano National Park.

The neighbouring town of Bijagua has a population of around 5000 people and this small town has a lot to offer in terms of biodiversity, activities and accomodation. What makes this location even more exciting is the fact it is located between 2 volcanoes!

Ready for staying in an area with vast Bio Diversity? Here’s what you should know about staying at Celeste Mountain Lodge

Celeste Mountain Lodge Gardens

– The Lodge –

This sustainable tourism lodge features 18 rooms that overlook the rainforest, private gardens and 2 volcanoes. Each part of the lodge was carefully designed to work in harmony with the local area; where ever you are, it feels like you are in the middle of the forest, but in the comfort of the lodge.

The lodge implements the “3 R” rule which forms the foundations of their sustainable tourism attitude: reduce, recycle, reuse.

There is a long list of examples at the lodge, but here are 3 examples of their sustainable practices:

  • Materials that are salvaged from the local area or plantation
  • Purchasing local supplies and labor
  • Solar panels for hot water
Celeste Mountain Lodge

– Getting to Celeste Mountain Lodge –

Celeste Mountain Lodge is nestled away from the main road in Bijagua.

Although there are daily buses to Bijagua from San Jose, Cañas, Liberia and Upala (information here), the lodge is located 4km from the main road in Bijagua (up a gravel road); therefore, it is highly recommended to take your own vehicle or a transfer.

The access roads to the lodge and activities are not on tarmac roads… hence why 4×4 vehicles are common in this area.

Due to our flight times and a tight schedule, we took a private transfer from San Jose Airport to the lodge. This took around 3 hours and cost around $200. We booked our transfer through Geko Trail Adventures.  


– Food –

When it comes to food at Celeste Mountain Lodge, you’re in luck. The restaurant has a panoramic view of the gardens and valley. The restaurant is open fronted (with a roof), which provides the feeling that you are dining in the rainforest, but you get to stay dry!

The food is made with local orgnanic ingredients that are produced by local farmers. The food was often served on banana leaves, which subsequently decreases soap and water consumption; another example of Celeste Mountain Lodge’s sustainability principles.

You can opt for either bed and breakfast or dinner, bed and breakfast. If you are planning an active holiday (and don’t want to drive or walk the 8km round trip to Bijagua) then we would recommend the 3 gourmet meals per day option. It really was delicious!

– Rooms –

There are 18 rooms at Celeste Mountain Lodge and all rooms have large windows that provide a panorama view of the valley and gardens. It feels like each room was designed to be a sanctuary to the surrounding area, where guests can enjoy the wonders of the rainforest from the comfort of their bed.

The rooms are minimally designed with around 27m2 of space, and decorated with eco-friendly furniture. Each room comes with either a queen or king size bed, bathroom and a hair dryer.

As the entire surroundings of the lodge are stunning, the only time we spent in the room was to wash and sleep; there was a lot of time chilling out in the restaurant, reading area and covered garden.

Rio Celeste and volcano crater hike

– Activities –

There are endless opportunities in the Tenorio National Park and you can create your own adventure. If you’d like to save time on researching activities, you can find ideas here.

Be sure not to miss the evening light display of the local fire flies!

What ever you decide, always ensure you don’t miss tea and coffee time back in the lodge. There is nothing better than enjoying a cuppa after an adventurous day with a view of the local nature.

Love and peace

Sarah xx

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