Mental Health Blogs 2019

May is mental awareness month in many parts of the world and I would like to bring you a selection of Mental Health Blogs 2019. The Mental Health Foundation, an organisation that is helping people to understand and sustain their mental health, is hosting Mental Health Awareness Week from Monday 13 to Sunday 19 May 2019.

My blog is a little over a year old and for a while now I have been following several bloggers who light up my twitter and blogging feed and provide me with inspiration regarding mental health and mental illness.

As part of mental health awareness week, I would like to share with you 4 very different mental health blogs that I personally enjoy reading and following.

There are so many more bloggers out there who are also worthy of a mention, but you’ll be running a marathon reading session if I listed everyone. The 4 advocates listed below are listed in no order of preference.

*Trigger warning: references to assault, rape self harm and addiction.

– Charlotte Underwood –

Charlotte speaks directly from experience and no topic is off bounds. Charlotte writes mainly about mental health, anxiety, suicide and depression and uses her own experience to help others.

Charlotte states directly on her blog

“If I can save a life, or just make someone feel less alone, then Iā€™m achieving my dreams.”

No doubt that Charlotte is saving lives just through sharing her experiences.

Charlotte provides very motivating and powerful tweets on her twitter feed and is able to make you feel that you aren’t alone with your feelings.

I was fortunate enough to have Charlotte as a guest blogger and her post was an inspiration: how her dog sooty gave her purpose in life.

You can read more of Charlottes work here

Or follow Charlotte on Twitter

– Bounce Hopes Hikes & Healing –

Bounce Hopes Hikes and Healing is the inspirational works of Claire Marsdon.

Claire is an occupational therapist by trade and lives with stage 4 pain endometriosis and has healed from Fibromyalgia.

Chronic illness can leave people debilitated. To give you an insight, here is a paragraph directly from Claire’s post, The Gift of Impermanence

“I had just been diagnosed with fibromyaglia, an incredibly painful condition that had me bedridden most days and unable to care for my then two-year-old daughter, never mind myself. My home became filled with carers, aids and adaptations. “

Although Claire has been faced with many challenges associated with chronic illness, she perseveres to maximise her quality of life, even by bringing the outdoors indoors.

You can read more of Claire’s work here

Or follow Claire on Twitter

– Be Ur Own Light –

Be Ur Own Light is the wonderful work of Eleanor Segall. Eleanor writes about what has helped her during recovery and also writes to emphasise that it is possible to live a happy life with Bipolar I and social anxiety.

Eleanor has a way to make you feel less alone in your recovery journey. Although I don’t suffer with Bipolar, I suffer with anxiety and one of my previous reactions was always to avoid certain situations: one of Eleanor’s posts made me feel less alone with this reaction. Below is a paragraph directly from “A Life Update: How Stress and Anxiety can turn into Panic Attacks.”

“I was invited to record a mental health podcast but couldn’t travel there because it felt too overwhelming to step into this new big media environment. I was due to give a talk but couldn’t attend due to anxiety about standing up there on my own being vulnerable. Luckily we had planned for this scenario and they were so kind and used my blog testimony anyway.”

You can read more of Eleanor’s work here

Or follow the Be Ur Own Light blog on Twitter

And Eleanor on Twitter

– Nicole’s Journey –

Nicole’s Journey is a journal of living with an eating disorder and anxiety, plus in addition, Nicole shares her experiences in nature, vegan and gluten free foods.

As a result of a mutual love for nature, Nicole’s Journey is one of the first blogs that I started reading.

Nicole is brings a spark of happiness to my twitter and blogging feed with writing such as this

“My annual pumpkin walk always brings me a sense of mindfulness and grounding, I think it is because of the change in colours and textures of nature, it is more noticeable and there is so much to look at, it is easier to feel present and connected to the moment, if that makes sense? I just love it so much.”

This sense of mindfulness brings a little ray of sunshine to my life: it helps me to realise that I should also be taking in such textures and colours from nature. This really does help with mindfulness and in turn, minimising the effects of anxiety.

You can follow all of Nicole’s writing and social media here

So there we have it Folks. 

Do you have any Mental Health Blogs 2019 that you would add to this list? Write them in the comments below šŸ™‚

Sarah šŸ™‚

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