Northumberland: an adventure getaway

Bordering with County Durham, Tyne & Wear, Cumbria and the Scottish border, Northumerland is England’s most northerly county.

If you visit Northumberland, you could find yourself sailing on a boat to near by islands, or exploring sweeping valleys, forests or sand dunes.

The northumberland coast is my favourite place to get away to when I need some space, or to be somewhere tranquil. It really is somewhere special.

The area is steeped in history from castles to the 2000 year old Hadrians wall or Holy Island; the island where the 8th Century Lindesfarne Gospel was produced and the home of St Cuthbert.

Aside from the historical side, there are an abundance of activites that make Northmberland a great adventure getaway.



– Northumberland –

There are 7 main areas of Northumberland and each area has adventure activities to offer:

  1. Northumberland Coast
  2. Hadrians Wall & Tyne & Wear
  3. Kielder & Border Forest
  4. Mid Northumberland
  5. North Pennines
  6. Northumberland National Park
  7. The Cheviots

– Land Activities –



The beauty of Northumberland is that you have the opportunity to hike along the coast and feel the sea breeze on your skin, or be cut off from the main land and hike on an island. In addition, you can let your senses go wild in a forest full of pine trees or watch the sun set from the top of the fells.


Northumberland is home to lots of outdoor bouldering areas. 27 Crags has an over view of potential routes in the the Northumberland Area.

Be sure to take your own mat and a partner for spotting.

Mountain biking

Mountain Biking

There are a mixture of trail centre tracks around Northumberland, such as those at Kielder National Park and also there are freeride tracks for those of you who prefer to be off the beaten path.

Star Gazing

Kielder Forest Park is one of the few listed “Dark Skies” areas in the UK, which means it has zero light pollution. This means you can star gaze without disruption from lights. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the milky way or if very lucky, the northern lights from Autumn to Spring.




With the contrast between land and water, Northumberland is home to some really interesting birds such as sand pipers, shags or in spring and summer puffins on the Farne Islands.

In addition, there is the opportunity to see deer and stags: be careful when driving, especially the country roads. The deer do jump out and there are occasional accidents (I had one in 2006).

Around the Farne Islands there are known wildlife colonies. In the winter months seal pups are born. More information on getting to the Farne Islands can be found here.

Holy Island

– Water Activities –

There are two local companies who offer the following activities:

KA Kite Surfing Adventure Sports; based in Beadnell.

Adventure Northumberland; based in Howick.


There are a few hidden sea caves and coves around Northumberland where you’re pretty much guaranteed to be the only people there.


Would you like to try a mixture of cliff traversing, open water swimming and cliff jumping? If so, then coasteering could be for you.

Kite Surf

Kite Surfing

It is no secret that it is windy around the UK and this can make it great for kite surfing.

Diving & Snorkelling

You’re probably thinking “diving or snorkelling in the North Sea?”

That is right.

Around the Farne Islands, there are numerous wrecks, seals and also fish that prefer northern climates such as the wolf fish.

If you’re all worn out, you can finish the day with fish and chips. The fish is quite often caught on the same morning, which makes the taste even better.

Or why not try an amazing scone and a cuppa at the Copper Kettle in Bamburgh, a Fish Fingers Sandwich at the Shoreline Cafe in Craster or a local farm shop cafe nestled in the Northumberland National Park?

Working outside of the UK, a lot of people ask where I would recommend to visit in the UK. As you can probably tell, Northumberland is number 1 on my list.Ā 

Sarah šŸ™‚


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