Sumatra Photo Diary

Sumatra is the largest of Indonesia’s 17,508 islands and it was the first island that I would visit during the trip in November 2018.

The island has several active volcanos and was once populated by dense rainforests.

The areas that were once dense rain forests are now populated with deforested fields and palm oil plantations. The road to Gunung Leuser seems like a never ending stretch up money driven devastation. 

The remaining rainforests are populated with a diverse variety of wildlife and friendly locals. 

Click the images for full size and their description.

6 thoughts on “Sumatra Photo Diary

  1. This collection is so much more than holiday memories. The record that your images are, is important and deserves wide publication. Furthermore, the quality of how you’ve illustrated the message and the composition is fantastic.

    Just added Sumatra to my list! Thank you.


  2. Vivienne Hudson

    You can see from all the photos how they tell a story . The little old lady with her walking pole, having lived a tough life compared to us, makes me wonder what she is thinking – yet looks happy! These photos show feelings, and taken with love and all tell a story which you seem to of captured. They are good!


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