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Sumatra Photo Diary

Sumatra is the largest of Indonesia's 17,508 islands and it was the first island that I would visit during the trip in November 2018. The island has several active volcanos and was once populated by dense rainforests. The areas that were once dense rain forests are now populated with deforested fields and palm oil plantations. …

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Outdoors & My Mental Health Improvement

Mental health is in a way mental wellbeing. This is about our emotions, feelings, thoughts and ability to solve problems or overcome difficulties. If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll be very familiar that I spend a lot of time (most weekends) in the Bavarian or Tirolean alps. Since moving to Munich, …

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5 Must Knows to Conquer Zugspitze & Alpspitze, Germany

Touching The Summit

Visible from Munich, it is no wonder why the Zugspitze is one of the most iconic peaks in the Garmisch alps. It’s little sister the Alpspitze protrudes from the ridge like a pyramid perched at 2600m and it one of the most iconic peaks of the Garmisch region.

Although the Alpspitze is the little sister of Germany’s highest peak the Zugspitze, this ascent and descent should not be underestimated.

Are you game for the ascent? Here are 5 things to know for climbing Germany’s highest peak, Zugspitze & sister peak, Alpspitze

9 (4) - Kopie

– Overview -

Zugspitze (Eibsee – Zugspitze)

Length (to Summit): 8km | Level: Hard | Duration: 7 hours | Elevation: 2962m | ↑ 2000m

Alpspitze (Hammersbach – Alpspitze – Alpspitzebahn)

Length : 10km | Level: Hard | Duration: 7 hours | Elevation: 2628m | ↑ 2016m | ↓ 600m (to the Bergstation)

1 (8)

– It isn’t a walk –


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Failure: Is It Really Failure?

Can you fail at something you can't control? Is it failure if you learn from it? If you stay safe as a result of not pursuing something, is it failure? These are questions that I asked myself during a June trip to Alta Badia in the Italian Dolomites. During the month of June, it is …

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