As we get ingrained in our day to day lives. making ends meat and looking after dependents, our own mental health is something that is often overlooked. I noticed this when my parents were caring for my dying grandparents; they carried on working, supported my Brother and I, cared for my Grandparents (with the help of my Auntie & Uncle), but it was evident that they stopped doing a lot of things… Read More

A bustling mix of rainforests, beaches, mountains, wildlife and eco resorts, Costa Rica has it all. Are you thinking about a visit? Here are 20 photos to inspire adventure in Costa Rica…                                      

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A melting pot of nature and adventure in picturesque settings, Tenorio Volcano National Park in northern Costa Rica has it all. Regardless if you have 1 day or 1 week, this area has a lot to offer in terms of nature, wildlife and active adventures. Here are our tips for 3 days in the Tenorio Volcano National Park – Day 1: Tenorio National Park – After an amazing breakfast at Celeste Mountain… Read More

I have been asked numerous times if people with Anxiety should be doing certain mountain sports and the words of Tirol Info sum up my thoughts; “Never try to climb a mountain without being prepared”. This doesn’t just mean taking extra loo roll, spare knickers or additional snacks. For people with Anxiety, this means extra preparation such as being comfortable that you can manage your anxiety outdoors or even on a vertical… Read More