If you are helping a loved one who is suffering with anxiety, it can be tough to know how to support or what words to say. You will be doing your best to support them, and that is great. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, the rate of anxiety among LGBTQ+ community is approximately 2 times higher than those of straight or gender conforming counterparts. That said, anxiety does… Read More

Practising Mysore Ashtanga (the traditional way of practising Asthanga yoga) has changed many peoples lives and mindsets for the better. The teachers I have been lucky enough to practice with have inspired many to make positive changes in life. Through showing people the power of having a committed, dedicated practice. From that, life off the mat starts to change too. Thats the magic of Ashtanga yoga. Its been the practice that I… Read More

When we think of Kilimanjaro, we think of that lone standing volcanic peak that peers out from the clouds beneath, with a handful of giraffes stood in the foreground. Spoiler alert: I never saw any giraffes in the near vicinity of the Kilimanjaro National Park. But the volcano is stood among greenery and that infamous peak is visible and peers above the clouds. Many think of Kilimanjaro as a trip of a… Read More

A lot of Kilimanjaro kit lists out there are flooded with affiliate links or are websites trying to flog their own gear. While there is nothing wrong with this, often these products are not budget friendly. When I climbed Kilimanjaro I had no job, no savings, or no sponsor. I was supported by myself. I worked a summer school job for a week which gave around 400 quid to buy my remaining… Read More

You step out into the open and feel the fresh mountain air on your face. You are looking forward to a day or few days of solitude or mountain town life. You’re excited to hear the chirping of marmots, the cracking of glaciers or the sound of your boots on the trail and 360 degree panoramic alpine views. This is surely is what we all search for? Unfortunately there are things that… Read More