Touching the Summit is designed for combating anxiety and depression through adventure, but you need to learn before you can run, right? Therefore, before participating in more adventurous activities, some people find it important to learn how to manage anxiety and depression a day to day basis.

This page contains blogs and organisations that you might find helpful to manage anxiety on a day to day basis before engaging in adventure activities (such as ski mountaineering or climbing).


Organisationa and (UK based) helplines 

Samaritans: offer 24 hour support

Mind: support and advice to people suffering with a mental health problem

Mental Health.Org:  focus on prevention of mental health issues

Anxiety Network | Understanding and overcoming anxiety disorders

Young Minds: youth and parent helplines. Focussed on improving the wellbeing and mental health for young people

Rethink: support for people going through a crisis



wE’Re AlL mAd HeRe | Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety and Depression

Anxious Lass | Social Anxiety

Relief from Anxiety | Anxiety and depression

Blurt it Out | Depression

Healthy Place Trauma PTSD | Post Traumatic Stress Disorder