Failure: Is It Really Failure?

Can you fail at something you can't control? Is it failure if you learn from it? If you stay safe as a result of not pursuing something, is it failure? These are questions that I asked myself during a June trip to Alta Badia in the Italian Dolomites. During the month of June, it is …

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Self Image: What the Outdoors Taught Me

I used to hate everything about myself, face, body and personality. I used to analyse those women I saw on TV and in magazines, wondering why their legs didn't have cellulite like mine? Or how their faces were so flawless. Why couldn't mine be like that? If someone said I look beautiful, I would say …

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Resilient You Part 1: Improving Resilience

Many of us have or will experience different things in life that could make us or break us. Whether that is growing up in a disadvantaged area or going through a traumatic experiences, it can all affect us differently. Are you resilient? Can you bounce back? It is what happens after these bad experiences that …

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