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Toddler Travels: How This Mum Did It!

Many of us only see what is on the surface and posted in social media; success in life, confidence in travel or fun in living abroad. People often tell me "your life looks like so much fun" "how do you afford all your adventures?" "how do you dare to do that mountain stuff?" This confidence …

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Affordable Adventure Lapland

5 Must Knows About The Northern Lights & Resilience

The dancing lights twinkling across are a dream for many of us. Chasing the northern lights can be an exciting, but frustrating process. At times, many people give up, go to bed or just don't try to see them again. This is where resilience comes in. Here is my guide to resilience and the northern …

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11 Free Activities Norway

63,000 miles of coast line stretching between fjords and inlets, borders with Denmark, Russia, Sweden and Finland, Norway is one of the largest countries in north west Europe. This means there are lots of potential free activities in Norway! Norway is known for its majestic coastline, polar nights, midnight sun and northern lights. In addition …

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Yoga & Trekking Kathmandu: 7 Must Sees

Nepal had been on my hit-list of places to go visit for a long time after many friends and travellers told me I MUST go. You can trek the popular Gorepani and Poon hill in the Annapurna region. With beautiful scenery, challenging but accesible trekking, its easy to understand why  Annapurna is referred to as a photographers …

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