Touching the Summit


Do you ever wonder why you drink alcohol and the effect it has on you and your mental health? The whole world seems to revolve around alcohol, until you find these wonderful little bubbles, where people socialise over green tea, or coffee and people make friends without having to be tipsy or drunk. Why aren’t there more of these places? After my last night out, I had a really good time, but… Read More

Affordable Adventure Bavaria

Do you love a lazy Saturday in bed? Maybe staying in your pyjamas all day? Perhaps you like to do the same on Sunday too? And then topped off with a take away and some trashy TV? While this is ok for some, this approach makes me more sluggish doesn’t help in setting me up for the week ahead. Budget Tips Here are some ways that the outdoors can help perk you… Read More

Did you ever feel alone in the war with depression? There are times that we all do and the outdoors will always be there to help. Fellow blogger and mental health advocate, Charlotte Underwood, has drawn on her own experiences to help others by publishing mental health articles and giving presentations at local mental health events in England. Here is a first-hand account how a little doggie called sooty and the outdoors… Read More