Touching the Summit


On my travels, I decided to give Panchakarma a go. Increasing fitness and weightloss are two of the physical benefits that Panchakarma can bring. It doesn’t stop there; panchakarma can also provide us with mental clarity and peace of mind. For me, it was a positive experience and one I am glad I did, and would do again. Maybe you’re wondering: – What is Panchakarma? – Panchakarma (Pancha = 5, karma =… Read More

A hot spot for beginner, advanced and non-yogi’s alike, Koh Phangan is pretty popular with everyone. The island is built upon quartz crystal, making many think it is charged with positive healing energy. Koh Phangan hosts a load of yoga spots nestled along side vegan and vegetarian eateries. All this with the added bonus of the sunshine, beaches, jungle and parties, you can see why this Thai island is a hit. Many come… Read More